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The new ExpoNat App
An interactive App to the Bamberg Hall of Birds

Experience the famous Bamberg Hall of Birds on a whole new sensual level with the ExpoNat app.

Around 70 interactive stations provide visitors with exciting, interesting and entertaining information on the various exhibits, collections, or the historical rooms themselves.

In order to clearly outline the abundance of options, we have summarized the content according to each different subject area: birds, collection history, room history, diversity and mystery.

Users are greeted at the start screen by of the founder of the museum — the prince bishop Franz Ludwig von Erthal incarnate! In fact, throughout each of the many areas you will be personally accompanied by either by the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus, the ornithologist Emil sexton, or even two farcical ravens!

Since the WLAN hotspot is currently being installed in our museum, we recommend downloading the app from home before your next visit to the museum.

The ExpoNat app is available for download from the following App stores:

In order to not disturb other visitors, we strongly urge you to turn off the speaker on your smartphone or tablet while using the app. Instead, please bring headphones with you. If you forget to bring headphones, you may loan a pair at the museum entrance counter for the very fair price of 1.50 €.