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The Biosphere – the Cycle of Life

multivision1In 2004, additional space was created for the museum by integrating a portion of an adjacent courtyard. As structure's intended use was for a multimedia room, it was designed accordingly and equipped with the necessary technology.

Here, the multivision show titled "The Biosphere — The Cycle of Life" thematically illuminates two key aspects: First, the functional mechanisms and cycles of the biosphere are described in exemplary form. We learn facts about the role of water, the development of the atmosphere, photosynthesis, the cycle of organic matter and the water cycle. It becomes clear that organisms control the composition of the atmosphere and thus act as the stabilizing factor of the climate itself.

multivision2 Secondly, the role of human beings within the biosphere is illustrated. On the vast timeline of the geological history of our planet, our species, Homo sapiens, has emerged only in the last seconds, so to speak. But only in the last 100 years has the human evolved into a real geophysical factor. It is clear that both the world population and technology have been increasing exponentially. Along with this rapid growth are the adverse effects on the biosphere: climate change, environmental degradation and pollution, extinction of species and the depletion of resources.

The conclusion of the show takes a conciliatory turn by showing that despite the damage done thus far, it's not too late to rethink the way we interact with the biosphere.

Duration of the show: 26 minutes. Showings begin at the top of the hour.