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Invasive insect counseling
Experiencing problems with annoying "houseguests"? By that we mean of course moths, cockroaches, fleas, etc. Collect a few of those pesky bugs in a glass and within a few days you will receive a written report on the type of insect, possible damage caused by them and control measures. We ask only that you provide us with 15 Euro as compensation for our efforts.
Loan Service
If you need natural objects of art for teaching or exhibition purposes, don't hesitate to call us. We might just have the right thing in stock! In order to be able to renew or replace our loan inventory from time to time, we generally charge 10, - EUR per object.
If you have observed or found something special in nature and want to know what it is, please contact us. We will endeavor to answer all your questions. Such requests will, of course, be processed free of charge. We request but only that you leave live plants and animals where you found them (in Nature!).
You can purchase literature about natural history, postcards, gift cards, etc. We also offer fairly priced fossils depending on the availability that particular day.

Guided Tours
If you would like to book a quality guided tour, please call (+49) 951 - 8631257 or 0176 59596210. We will be in touch as soon as possible. The main focus of the tour can be discussed at this time.
Tour appointments are also available outside the official opening hours.
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Friends of the Bamberg Museum of Natural History

was launched by the citizens of Bamberg on March 5th, 2016, 225 years after the founding of the Bamberg cabinet of natural curiosities.

The purpose of the association is the ideational and material support of the Bamberg Museum of Natural History as an educational center for the region in and around Franconia and all its natural wonders (statutes §3). We are a lively association and we welcome all age groups to share in our enthusiasm for nature.

Become a member of the Friends of the Bamberg Museum of Natural History booster club!

The perks: You receive free entrance to the museum for your annual contribution as well as invitations to openings of special exhibitions and lectures.
With your contribution, you support the preservation of the permanent exhibition, the continued financing of the research carried out in the plattenkalk quarry in Wattendorf, and the museum's educational program.

Membership fees:

Reduced rate: 10 € (kids, teens, apprentices, students, senior citizens/pensioners)
Adults: 20 €
Families: 30 €
Sponsoring member: starting at 100 €
Corporate entities: starting at 100 €

All membership fees and donations are tax deductible.

Interested in joining?
Please contact the Office of

Friends of the Bamberg Museum of Natural History (Freundeskreis des Naturkunde-Museums Bamberg e.V. )
Fleischstr. 2
96047 Bamberg
Tel. 0951/ 8631249
Fax 0951/ 8631250

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Naturkunde-Museum Bamberg
Fleischstr. 2,
96047 Bamberg
Tel.: 0951 - 8631249,
Fax: 0951 - 8631250
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Museum Director: Dr. Matthias Mäuser
VAT identification number (in accordance with § 27a of the VAT Act): DE 811335517

Responsible for all content:
Dr. Matthias Mäuser

Contributions identified by name do not necessarily represent the opinion of the publisher.

Research efforts at the Museum of Natural History here in Bamberg are carried out by external researchers who focus first and foremost on editing existing collections, namely the scientific analysis of the Schneid'schen insect collection of mostly hymenopterans.

For ten years now, their own research has been concentrated on the plattenkalk of the Late Jurassic period (early stages of the Late Kimmeridgian) of Wattendorf. The town is located about 20 km from Bamberg at the northern end of the so-called Obermainalb. In the stone quarry run by the company Andreas Schorr GmbH & Co KG, laminated plattenkalk was discovered in 2000, which are comparable to those found around the area of the southern Franconia (between Solnhofen to Kelheim). Since 2004, the has been conducting an annual 4 to 6-week excavation campaign, during which approximately 4,000 objects have been secured thus far.

In its own unique way, the Wattendorfer quarry encompasses approx. 30 hectares of the former microbial sponge reefs interlaced with layered sediments inside a former basin. To this extent, geological documentation and interpretation is a large part of the relevant research. Since the Wattendork plattenkalk is the oldest Late Jurassic plattenkalk in Central Europe, it contains fossils of numerous new taxa. Their main interest is scholarly research.