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Located in the heart of Bamberg, our museum invites visitors to explore an extraordinary exhibition space inside the halls of a former Jesuit college. Extraordinary in that it uniquely juxtaposes the historical with the modern, here visitors are also offered the chance to discover one of the oldest and finest natural history galleries in the world — the celebrated Bamberg Hall of Birds (ger: Vogelsaal). This "museum within a museum," housing thousands of colorful preserved animal specimens in a neoclassical ambience, offers visitors a rendition of Nature, and the opportunity to imagine how it felt to glance inside a cabinet of natural curiosities some 200 years ago — at a time when the ostrich still appeared to be a miraculous creature from a fantasy world.

Standing in contrast to the historical cabinet of natural curiosities are a series of permanent contemporary collections dedicated to various nature-themed topics with a focus on regional phenomena. In an effort to offer visitors the opportunity to continue learning new things about nature, we are constantly rotating exhibitions.